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This year the UCAT and BMAT are more important than EVER, find out why our students consistently score highly!

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How Can APEX Medics Improve My UCAT score?

We advocate for a personalised approach in the realm of education. When you enroll in our UCAT 1-to-1 tutoring program, we will craft a customised UCAT preparation study plan specifically tailored to your requirements.


Furthermore, you will benefit from continuous, individualised support throughout your journey. 

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1-1 UCAT/BMAT Lessons

Our UCAT/BMAT lessons are led by expert tutors who are either medical students at prestigious universities or licensed doctors. The advantages of receiving one-on-one tutoring are truly exceptional! Click below to see why..

Personalized Learning

Tailored lessons and individualised attention catered to the specific needs and learning style of the student will have a massive impact on their results!

Faster Progress

One-on-one instructions often leads to quicker understanding and mastery of the UCAT and BMAT!

Enhanced Confidence

Students tend to feel more confident and comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification in a private tutoring setting

Group Lessons

Attending our group classes could be a great alternative option for those looking for an alternative option to our 1-1 lessons and are still conducted by our expert tutors! Find out why you should get involved below!

Interactive Learning

Small groups foster active participation and interaction among students, leading to more engaging discussions and shared learning experiences

Diverse Perspectives

Students in small groups often come from various backgrounds and have different perspectives, enriching the learning environment with a variety of viewpoints

Peer Support

Group members can provide mutual support, helping each other understand concepts and work through challenging problems in the UCAT/BMAT

UCAT and BMAT Resources

We have access to large question banks which come with worked examples. These can be shared with you to add to your revision options! These can be shared with you once you purchase a package!


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