Work Experience

Experience the day in the life of a UK physician and add a certificate to your application portfolio!



















Work Experience

At APEX Medics, we know just how hard it is to secure work experience.


Thats why we are making it easier than ever to experience the role of a UK Physicians. Whether you need surgical, medical or dental work experience, our virtual work experience covers everything you need!

Live Medicine and Physician Associate Work Experience

Gaining work experience is of utmost importance to ensure that you acquire a profound understanding of the responsibilities and challenges associated with working as a doctor in the United Kingdom. Click below to find out more!

Run By Accredited Doctors And Medical Students

Our verified online work experience is run by top UK doctors and medical students which will give you an insight into the day-to-day life of any member in the multidisciplinary team, including physician associates!

You will join a simulated patient on their journey from initial presentation to diagnosis and management. You will learn how to conduct a patient consultation, interpret clinical signs and manage a patient in an acute setting.

Clinical Cases

Clinical history taking is one of a doctor’s most important skills. Through an interactive workshop, you will learn the key principles underpinning a good patient centred clinical history, before having the opportunity to discuss questions that we may ask an example patient.

This will give you an early insight into core medical school teaching principles and will be your first steps to approaching an actual clinical case! 

You will even witness an example medical emergency and formulate a management plan with the speakers, and see which communication skills are necessary when breaking bad news. 

Leverage Your Work Experience Certificate In Your Application

We will finish up by guiding attendees through a medical school application timeline for the next few months and giving practical tips on what to do to improve your own application.

Furthermore, reflective practice is an essential skill for medical students. We will teach you how to use the reflective framework to describe your work experience and prapare you for answering interview questions!

Live Dental Work Experience 

Dental work experience has been known to be notoriously difficult to obtain, with many dental surgeries logistically unable to provide valuable placements that prospective dental students can reflect upon in their portfolio. APEX Medics are able to solve this with our virtual dental work experience!

Run by Accredited Dentists

Get to experience the day in the life of a fully qualified dentist at various stages of their training. Learn how a team of specialist dental staff work together to care for their patients!

Clinical Cases

Together with your dental tutor, learn how to approach and manage dental clinical cases with a similar framework that will be taught to you in dental school. Additionally, we will also be bringing you dental emergencies, giving you the opportunity to make simulated clinical decisions!

Trusted By Universities!

Universities love to see you have work experience. Thats why we are providing a cost effective solution so that no student is left disadvantaged in their application portfolio. Our accredited certificates will show a true dedication to your chosen profession!

Live Surgical Work Experience

Are you an aspiring surgeon?

Our newest surgical work experience live day offers aspiring surgeons the opportunity to gain a true understanding of the surgeon’s profession. Additional information will be made available shortly!


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